Marlies White | CEO and Co-Founder

As CEO and Co-Founder of SomaLife, I want to welcome you to the SomaLife Family. Our SomaLife journey began in 1998 when a close family member had a life altering illness which changed our lives forever. Because of this sad event, my late husband, Dr. Philip White, and I developed a product that could help promote the longevity and quality of life for others. My husband was a Harvard and Cambridge educated medical doctor and had spent decades researching the effects of what hormones, vitamins and antioxidants could play in the human body, especially when it came to aging and overall well-being. Within a short time, he had created our proprietary flagship products.

We then founded SomaLife, the company name that means ‘Body of Life’, in order to help people around the world have the potential for a better quality of life. Since the beginning, dedicated MDs, biochemists and research scientists have joined us in developing our supplements using only the finest, highly purified, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, so the quality is outstanding.

Our products directly aim at adding years to your lives and in conjunction with a health and fitness program, they do add years to your life.

My Belief

I live every day believing I can make a difference in the world by helping others. SomaLife was founded on the basic principle that one person could positively impact the life of another.

Health is the New Wealth. Wellness is the Goal!

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SomaLife is an all-natural, cutting edge nutritional supplement company, focused on three specific fields.

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Brain Health

Our Products

We are proud to say that today, SomaLife has expanded to several countries throughout the world. Our supplements are embraced by athletes, celebrities, medical professionals, and people from all walks of life.

Our products blend naturally with your body’s natural growth and healing systems, almost immediately.

People who use our products can experience and describe direct results, usually within the first 24-72 hours. Increased energy levels and improved moods, better quality of life, enhanced physical performance and stamina, superior sleep, accelerated recovery time, and heightened natural sense of health and well-being, are some of the benefits that you can experience.

We have developed proprietary formulations based on years of clinical research and indisputable cellular science that has proven so effective, that our flagship product – Youth Formula – has received international patents.

With its pure free-form crystalline amino acids, it is designed to give you increased control over your aging process and help you retain your youthful vigor, achieve better rest, and retain more energy naturally.

Our Brain Health formula, IQ150, is engineered to improve memory retention, focus, and increase clarity of thought. No matter the area of life that you would like to maintain and improve, the answer is SomaLife.

SomaLife serves as your source of vitamins, supplements, and other products, which can help you manage your life better. As the most trusted name in supplements, our team is committed to providing you products that can help you manage aging, cellular maintenance, and brain health. Our products and supplements are based on proprietary formulations and are backed by scientific and medical research. You can be sure of the results all the time.

At SomaLife, we provide you with supplements and vitamins that can improve your way of life. Are you working hard to boost your mental health? Do you want to slow down the signs of aging and look youthful? SomaLife is your answer.

Defy Aging Naturally!

Two decades of helping people live younger longer! Over 100,000,000 capsules sold!

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How Our Logo Was Created

Initially, I sketched the SomaLife Logo on a napkin and it was magical. I drew a circle representing the Circle of Life. An “S” inside the circle to represent SomaLife.
The “S” cutting the circle in half created two hearts, one was right side up and the other inverted. Finally, a small maple leaf at the tip of the “S” indicated we were a Canadian company… Two hearts had created SomaLife!
~ Marlies