Earn 15% Commission on All Sales With Our Affiliate Program!

What is ShopSomaLife Affiliate Program?

This is a simple turnkey opportunity to share our world class products on your own personal or business website and make money doing so.

You will receive a commission for every sale referred from your website, and continue to earn commissions every time your customer REORDERS.

Why You Should Join This Program ?

We have teamed with one of the recognized leaders in Affiliate Marketing, LinkConnector, to make this customer acquisition AND residual income opportunity possible.


This is truly a special program!

SomaLife products are so unique and effective that we as a company still have original customers from our first year in business, 1998. Those customers order their SomaLife products like clockwork, month in and month out.

Now you too can acquire a new customer AND continue to get paid on the repeat orders of that customer for the life of their account through this Affiliate Program with Link Connector.

How it Works?

Simply place the product links and banners we supply you on your site and earn commission every time a visitor clicks on them and purchases any of our world class products at: www.SomaLife.com

YOU then get PAID directly from LinkConnector.

Registered Affiliates have complete access to online reports detailing traffic, sales and commission earned.

Simply log into your account anytime to see a list of available banner ads, and other creative materials. All advertising materials contain a unique code to track visitors and credit your account when a sale is made.

Get the Affiliate Advantage

  • Earn a minimum of 15% plus potential bonus structure on all product sales
  • Residual earnings for life on your customers
  • Creatives include HTML banners and text links
  • Frequent promotions and special savings offers
  • Signature marketing solutions
  • Detailed account reporting for traffic, sales, and commission
  • Dedicated Affiliate management

It’s FREE and EASY to do!