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Ocean Collagen Serum

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Deeply hydrates dry and dehydrated skin with moisture binding properties

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Helps soften the visible signs of aging

Ocean Collagen Serum

This luxurious blend of ingredients features highly effective soluble collagen, which effortlessly reduces trans-epidermal water loss and provides a non-occlusive protective barrier from the environment.
Formulated in Germany, where clean, high quality ingredients are the standard, Ocean Collagen Serum instantly reduces fine lines while providing superior hydration for all skin types. You can target dry areas, use it on the whole face, or apply heavily as a mask overnight.
  • Tissue Repair
  • Designed as a second skin for protection and retaining moisture
  • Aids skin in its own ability to heal and repair

What Our Customers Have to Say

Wow! It is absolutely luxurious!
The fragrance is clean and pure, barely there, and it makes your skin feel hydrated, soft and smooth. I have tried all the high-end brands, most were heavily fragranced and made my skin break out, awful! Now I see why you decided to add the Collagen Serum. Good call! It's beautiful, I love it!

Tara E

Key Ingredients

  • Soluble Collagen:  More effective that regular collagen, soluble collagen when used in the proper formulation is an effective skin moisturizer because of its water binding and retention abilities.
  • As a protein it is built from amino acids and forms a non-occlusive protective barrier from the environment.
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5):  Acts as a penetrating moisturizer. Stimulates cellular proliferation and can aid in tissue repair.
  • When topically applied studies have shown it penetrates the skin and changes to pantothenic acid, a B complex vitamin that can promote normal keratinization and wound healing.
  • Glycerin:  A humectant used in moisturizers because of its water-binding and absorption abilities.
  • Studies also show  that it has the ability to facilitate enzymatic reaction in the skin (promoting exfoliation).



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