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By Marlies White

Welcome to SomaLife . . .

Dr. White is still with us through the books he wrote and the formulation of our amino acid supplements which increase your own human growth hormone (HGH) naturally and safely.


A doctor is holding his phone and smiling.

Dr. Philip A. White


The following is an excerpt from The Road to Longevity by Dr. Philip A. White

Introduction – A NEW AGE COMING

We are at the threshold of a new era, a new age and this is not referring to future exploits in space. Nor are we thinking of the coming marvels in computers and technology.  Rather, what we see before us is much more astounding than almost anything you can imagine. And more important.

What lays before us is nothing short of a revolution, a revolution that takes place not in society or in world government, but within our own bodies. We are now at the threshold of halting, and even reversing, the aging process. We are at the point where we can now, turn back the clock.

As important as discoveries in space travel or computers may be, there are none that can compare to the revolution taking place in the field of anti-aging. We may, in the future, marvel at rockets going to Mars, or look wide-eyed with wonder at how a computer can operate an entire factory, but if we are bedridden with age, or stuck in a wheelchair with decaying bones, or hobbling painfully on two canes, all these marvels will lose their luster. For whom amongst us, as we reach our declining years, would not trade any of these marvels for the chance to walk as sprightly at 80 as we did at 40?

To maintain a lean and muscled body into what was formerly thought of as “old age”? Of course, to twenty-year-olds of today, this prospect is not such a big deal. They, like ourselves at 20, feel they will live forever. But at 40 or 50, this outlook will change. Once the middle age decline sets in, they will then come to value most highly this revolution in anti-aging therapies. And revolutionary these new therapies are!

Turning Back the Clock

In the past we have all been subject to the inevitable creep of aging: the wrinkles, the aches and pains, the battle of the bulge, the loss of vigor, and so on. Now, for the first time, we possess the means of halting these scourges, of halting the aging process itself, and of greatly extending the human life span.

In the past there have been various anti-aging therapies – vitamins, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, etc. And although many of these therapies may be efficacious in girding our defenses against aging, it is only recently that treatments have been discovered that can help to stop aging in its tracks.

The most recent and most amazing of these involve Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy. Just some of the benefits shown to be conferred by this therapy are:

  • gains in muscle mass
  • losses of fatty tissue
  • restoration of potent sexual function
  • restoration of youthful energy

So effective has Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy shown itself to be, that once it becomes widely available, we may well consider that we have embarked on a new era, a new age. Controversy at the Australian 2000 Olympics demonstrated that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a powerful fitness enhancer, and with the use of HGH, we are now able to start the process of turning back the clock.

For many of us, HGH therapy, will likely turn back the clock a decade or two. Add one or two other minor measures and we can probably make that a gain of two or three decades. Which will then take us to future discoveries that will extend our lives still further. And on and on.

—Excerpt from The Road to Longevity by Dr. Philip A. White


So, join us as we embark upon a new path, a new road – the road to longevity.

I hope you enjoy our blog, The Science.


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