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By Marlies White

I’d like to introduce you to Kelowna’s Best Kept Secret…It’s about a product that can change forever how a person lives and ages; a product that has been my passion for the past 22 years.

This passion has profound meaning for me as the product was created by my husband, Dr. Philip A. White, in 1998. The product, Youth Formula, was the result of the loss of our brother-in-law to prostate cancer. It was just too painful to lose a loved one that way… in the prime of his life. This event left us seriously thinking about how to keep our loved ones healthy well into their golden years; essentially to age healthy young as long as possible.

The company had a humble beginning in the basement of our home. It took a hope, it took a dream and finally it took a vision, commitment and a desire to help others live a longer, healthier life. It took being focused and working tirelessly to build an infrastructure to support what we ultimately wanted everyone to benefit from. Failure has never been an option and we have customers who have been with us since the early days. We are now an International company who still treats its customers like family.

So what is this secret? As we age, many of the hormones decline, particularly Human Growth Hormone, (HGH). In fact, science has proven that as early as age twenty-five, our pituitary gland begins slowing the release of our own HGH, and by the time we turn 60, our pituitary is only releasing about one third of what it did in our twenties.  Evidence points to these diminishing HGH levels as being directly related to many of the ravages of aging.

Therefore, by restoring our HGH levels to those we had when we were younger, we can help slow, stop, and in some cases even reverse many aspects of the aging process as we know it today. There are two ways to elevate growth hormone levels. One is by actual HGH injections, which is both expensive and potentially dangerous if not extensively monitored. The other is with a secretagogue or growth hormone releaser that naturally encourages more of the body’s release of its own human growth hormone. This is what Youth Formula does. Youth Formula is patented and is completely safe and natural, working in Harmony with one’s own body’s natural processes.

One happy customer says, “The benefits of renewed energy, weight reduction, glowing skin, sound sleep and good health is what SomaLife has given me. I am thrilled to be able to share with others how this amazing product has given me back my life.”

Philip was an innovator who, I believe was far ahead of his time. I was lucky to have such a wonderful caring partner in life. He had been Chief of Staff at KGH for 17 years, as well as on the Boards of various cancer agencies. He also ran a full medical office as a much loved family practitioner in Rutland which is still evident to this day. Sadly, he passed away suddenly in 2015, and we all miss him. SomaLife has always been my vision, and thanks to my husband’s love of science and caring nature, my mandate now is to make sure that Dr. White’s (Philip’s) creation continues to shine brilliantly.

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