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Youth Formula®

A bottle of youth formula is shown in front of bamboo.
  • Look and Feel Younger
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve Sleep
  • Strengthens Immunity

Works at the Cellular Level

It helps you get better rest, and improves mood. It also increases energy levels and stamina. You can experience some of the many health improvements when you take this revolutionary product.
The natural amino acids present in SomaLife encourage the production of additional healing, repair, and growth factors that jump-start your body’s natural processes of cell repair and regeneration.
The science behind this life-changing product is so unique that it carries international patents to protect it. Let your body get the kind of healing and wellness support, which will leave you feeling your best!

Live Younger, Longer!

A table showing the amount of amino acids in each nutrient.
  • Six Youth Formula® Capsules Taken Orally Travel to the Stomach
  • Amino Acids Are Absorbed Into the Blood Stream From the Stomach and Travel to the Pituitary
  • Healing, Repair and Growth Factors Released From the Pituitary Travel to the Liver
  • Release of Further Healing and Repair Peptides Which Travel to Damaged Cells
  • These Peptides Trigger Repair and Regeneration of Damaged Cells
  • Healthier Cells (85-100 Trillion Cells)
  • Feedback Loop, Hypothalamus Measures and Controls the Release of Healing, Repair and Growth Factors

What Our Customers Have to Say

Youth Formula has changed my life and everyone needs to try it. It is a powerful combination with the varied ways it heals, rejuvenates and supports your body, health, energy and appearance!

Lynn Rose

I started taking Youth Formula about 10 years ago. I quickly realized after becoming a Mom, that being healthy is a huge part of my role. Once I hit my mid-30s, I began noticing the signs of aging on my skin, my hair and energy levels. I could kick myself for not starting it sooner because I feel better now than I did before I had kids. I love the product! I take it every day and feel fabulous! I love being in my 40s! I recommend Youth Formula to women everywhere, especially Moms!

Julie FrontinYoga, Hiking and Paddle Boarding

We have been taking Youth Formula for 17 years, starting at ages 56 (Kevin) and 50 (Elizabeth.) Three months after starting, Kevin finally became pain-free from a whiplash injury sustained two years earlier. Around the same time I broke my arm and recovered in record time, amazing both the doctor and the physiotherapist. We look and feel young; our energy level has not changed. We enjoy camping trips and long hikes. Youth Formula has delivered everything we hoped for and we feel so lucky to have found it.

Elizabeth & Kevin HenryAvid Outdoor Enthusiasts


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